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Starr.Fit is conveniently located in downtown Eustis, FL just minutes from Mount Dora, Tavares and Sorrento. We offer coach-led group fitness classes focused on working within each athlete’s current capabilities while accounting for range of motion limitations due to previous injuries, poor posture and life in general. Come in and discover our fitness philosophy and how we’re different from your average run of the mill CrossFit gym.

Our Goal

Our focus is on preparing athletes for the unknown and unknowable conditions of their lives. We accomplish this by exposing our athletes to a wide range of exercise stimulus to elicit a broad range of muscular and cardiovascular adaptation.Leaving the gym excited to come back again tomorrow, with a little more fitness, and a lot more confidence means we are doing our job as coaches. We are ONE Community. We are ONE Family.

Whole Body Health

We aim to empower those that take on the quest of improving their fitness and health. Through community and dedication we believe anything is possible.

Fitness Training

We have a strong and passionate coaching staff, made up of like-minded individuals, hailing from an array of athletic and academic backgrounds bringing unique perspectives for our members.

Focused Nutrition

Clean eating is all about consuming whole foods that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural form as possible.

I've been training here since I was 12, and have loved every minute of it. The 2 years of coming here has changed my life COMPLETELY. I've gained control of my weight, earned a major amount of muscle, and my scoliosis has improved. The staff and members are incredibly encouraging to each other, and the amount of knowledge you will gain is phenomenal. Here at Crossfit CIC they have a huge amount of opportunities like Crossfit Kids!. I recommend crossfit to anyone and everyone. Hope to see you there!
Ui Mullen
Ui M.
Louise Watkins
Louise W.
Thank you guys for having me these past 2 years. I accepted a job offer with Delray Beach Fire Rescue which means I'm leaving Central Florida and moving closer to Family. Starting this fitness journey with you all has definitely spoiled me. I know I will not find another box with coaches & members that will compare. You guys gave me the drive to push myself and make fitness an important part of my everyday life. I will miss you all. Hit me up if you go down to South Florida.Thanks,Matt
Matt Anderson
Matt A.