Many patients have various causes of their pain and only get treatment with medications. Dr. Thomas specializes in helping patients with their headaches, back pain, neck pain and pains of other regions, reducing or stopping the need for medications using osteopathic manipulation.

Joanne Keller, ARNP

Joanne is a Family Nurse Practitioner providing primary health care to residents of Lake county for nearly two decades. Joanne offers a practical and unique approach to providing preventative and wellness care.

Andres Ayesta, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD

Andres is the owner and founder of Vive Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching and educational platform that empowers athletes and non-athletes to improve their lifestyles via nutrition through maximizing lean mass gains and fat loss. Andres’ coaching programs focus on accountability and flexibility so you can make lasting sustainable changes. No FAD diets, no crazy meal plans, just an integrative, holistic approach.

At Starr.Fit, we understand that training is only one piece of the health and fitness puzzle. Nutrition is as important, if not more, to help you achieve your goals. We partner with Vive Nutrition for nutrition coaching to help our members achieve their goals and optimize their health in the best ways possible. Through this integrative approach our desire is to equip our members with the tools needed to succeed while making lasting, long-term changes.


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