The Golden Rule

Be respectful to coaches and others around you.

work hard

Work hard, Have fun, Learn something new Every Day.

Be on Time

We cover a lot in a single class and need every minute. If you’re late, no worries…please come on in and assimilate into class by mimicking what you see going on.

Check That Ego

Please check your ego at the door. It’s tough, trust us we know, but it’ll likely get trounced if you don’t. Ignore the ego, scale the workout when required and hit it hard—then work on your skills and strength at other times.

Introduce Yourself

Please introduce yourself to all newcomers or anyone you don’t recognize. A friendly introduction and smile goes a long way to making new members feel at home.


Count all your reps and hold yourself accountable to perform the movements with high standards.

support your fellow athlete

Please clean up after yourself but not until the last person has finished.

Control Your Barbell to the Floor

Safety first! Please keep your area clear (plates, kettlebells, etc.) when lifting. Dropping a barbell from overhead landing on one of those objects could result in you and potentially others being out of the gym for weeks.

chalk usage

Chalk is not magic fairy dust of the Elites. A light dusting of your hands is all you need.