child waiver

By submitting this form, I acknowledge full responsibility for leaving my child unattended at Starr.Fit while working out in the facility.

I understand that Starr.Fit has not created any safe zones intended specifically for children to spend time unsupervised.

I understand that Starr.Fit is an inherently dangerous place with hazards as Starr.Fit is primarily designed for adult functional fitness. As such, I assume full responsibility for my child while they are in Starr.Fit and absolve Starr.Fit (Starr Wellness, LLC) of any liability if my child is injured while at Starr.Fit.

I have told my child not to leave the building, not to enter the interior nor exterior workout floors, to be aware of people working out at all times and not to play with any of the equipment.

If my child damages any Starr.Fit equipment while they are playing unsupervised, I agree to replace the damaged equipment.

I understand that if my child is disruptive to the class or presents a safety hazard to anyone in the facility including themself, I may be asked to remove my child from the building by Starr.Fit staff.